What is the Best Gaming Glass

Many of us will admit that our eyes bear the brunt of the glaze that is produced from the screens of the TV set and various gaming apparatus like the X-Box. This kind of exposure to our eyes is very dangerous if it persists for a long time. Our eyes have to be protected every time we engage in gaming so that we do not run the risk of compromising our health. The problem is that the modern world demands that we stay on-screen for several hours a day, if it is not working on our computers, then we will be on our smartphones which have increased in size and are emitting transmitting high amounts of light with deep resolutions, we get home and watch the TV for leisure, so the threat to our eyes is very real. We strain our eyes while powerful high definition images hit us from the screen. This has prompted companies to attempt to come up with the best gaming glass as possible.

An effective gaming glass will prevent you from eye fatigue and strain. They should be able to have a high quality lens that will block harmful light that comes from screens. A gaming glass should have tint, that is, amber tint which will prevent the so called blue light spectrum that comes from the TV screens. It should be able to block and regulate the amount of harmful light that comes your way while you are gaming. The thing about gaming is that it is a very involving activity and one rarely plays a game for a short time. This competitive nature of games drives one to see off a game to its logical conclusion. So an amber tinted glass is very necessary to prevent this kind of exposure to your eyes.

An effective gaming glass will make images that you see while you are playing come into focus more clearly. It gives you greater details of what you are pursuing as it makes images sharper. Images pop up more clearly than when you use your bare eyes. This will relax your eyes from strain and pain. They should be sturdy but flexible. They should be able to fit any existing glasses that you are wearing at the moment. Some people have issues with their eyes and cannot remove their glasses so this issue is catered for. They should be flexible enough to fit any head size and shape. One thing that will make a gaming glass acceptable and durable is its ability to withstand breakability. It should be hard to break for it to last you a long time. The power of their lenses should be strong, they should not fade quickly to prolong their usage.

Gaming glasses should not just be functional but they should also have appeal. Most a gaming glass have style and creative designs. There are circular and rectangular shaped glasses that come in stylish frames. Gunnar Optiks and Concepts International are the pacesetters in terms of gaming glass. They are the biggest manufacturers of this product.

Factors to Consider as You Search for the Best Gaming Speakers

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How to choose the best gaming speakers in 2015?

One of the objectives of the dedicated video gamers is to have a surround sound system for optimal and immersive gaming audio output. The gaming sound plays a big role in enhancing the realism of the game. Surround sound systems are particularly very useful for gamers who play genres such as first-person shooters. This is because players make use of the sound, among other tactics, in sensing the direction of a potential danger. So, are you in search for good gaming speakers?

There are several factors that you should look into before purchasing your gaming speakers. These factors include speaker’s nominal power handling, sensitivity, impedance, and frequency response. Other factors also include system’s additional features and connections, size of the system, and the computer’s capabilities. Below are the sensitive factors that should be considered in order to choose the best gaming speakers.

Nominal Power Handling:

This is also known as RMS power. In layman’s language, it refers to the measure of electrical energy beyond which the speaker can get damaged. Please don’t confuse RMS power with Peak power. A high RMS value will definitely result to high performance.


This is a performance factor in gaming speakers. Sensitivity is the measure of the loudness of a speaker, measured in decibels or decibels per volt. If you like loud speakers, you should choose the one with a high value of Sensitivity.


This factor refers to the resistance that is needed to drive the speaker. It’s measured in Ohms (Ω). The impedance is indirectly related to the performance of a speaker. Most good speakers have an impedance value of 8 Ω or less.

Frequency Response:

This is an indicator of the sounds that the speaker in question can produce. Most gamers love bass. Bass is a low-pitched sound, meaning low frequencies are applicable. However, it’s upon you to choose the gaming speakers whose frequency range satisfies your gaming requirements.

Computer’s Capabilities:

As you select a speaker system for gaming, it’s important to consider the capability of your computer. Most surround sound gaming speakers are stereo-based systems. So, ensure your computer can support stereo sounds. If you are truly a dedicated gamer, then you need to have a computer with high-definition sound card for high-definition audio.

Number of Component Speakers:

Surround sound gaming speakers are not like the ordinary stereo speakers we know. The ordinary speakers are usually fitted with a 2-channel system, meaning it can only have two speakers. However, surround speaker systems can take as from 3 to 8 speakers, depending on the channel system used. Modern gaming speaker systems come with channel systems ranging from 2.1-channel (with 3 speakers) to 7.1-channel (with 8 speakers). The more the speakers a sound system has, the better the gaming audio immersion.

Lastly, there are some other features that act as an added advantage to the user. For instance, gaming speakers are designed to either be mounted on a wall or sit on a flat surface. Going for the wall mounting option is not only stylish but also a way of saving space as well as enhancing the directional effect of the gaming sound. In addition, a gaming sound system should feature options like microphone and earphone jacks. Wireless or wired remote controls will also offer a greater convenience to the usage of the gaming speakers.